April 2022

The Biggest Obstacle to Listing Your Home

Posted on Apr 27, 2022 in Home Selling

As we enter into the busy spring market you may be feeling like now is the best time to sell your home.

Truth be told, there’s never a bad time to sell your home, but the spring market is definitely more robust.

This is the first of a 4 part series that is intended to help guide and educate homeowners through the process of getting ready to list a h...

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Where's the Beef?!

Posted on Apr 18, 2022

Housing Policy was the hot topic at the Federal Budget meeting earlier this month.

Honestly, I am fully in support of the Government taking initiative in tackling this housing crisis, but I don't see a lot of substance to what they are proposing.

Let's start with Foreign Investment. The Government is proposing to stop offshore buyers from purchasing...

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The Winds are Changing - Time to Adjust Our Sails

Posted on Apr 11, 2022

It was only a matter of time. We were hopeful that these low interest rates we've been enjoying would stick around for another year, but with all that excess printing of money combined with a 30 year high in inflation, rates have been rising at a rapid pace. Some say this 'rising rates to cool inflation' formula is based on old fashioned economics...

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