Buyer Questionnaire

As a professional REALTOR® and your trusted adviser, it's important for me to learn as much as possible about you, your family and your wants and needs. These questions are designed to get you thinking and dreaming about what your next home will look like:

Have you ever bought or sold a home before?
If yes, how long ago?

Do you currently have a home to sell before you purchase your next one?

Are you currently in a rental lease?
If so, how much time to you have remaining on your lease?

Have you been looking with any other agents before today?

If yes, how recently?

Are you currently in an Exclusive Buyer’s Contract?

How soon do you need to be in your next home?

What areas of Vancouver are you most familiar with?

What areas are you most interested in living in?

Do you know others that live in your area of choice?

Would you prefer to see RESALE ( ) NEW HOMES ( ) OR BOTH ( ) ?

Have you visited any new homes or developments? If so which ones?

Have you been in contact with a mortgage broker or bank for pre-approval?

If no, would you like me to recommend someone?

What price range have you been pre-approved for ?

What payment range do you prefer to stay in?

What size of home do you desire to live in? (ie how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc)

Do you have any special requirements in a home that need to be met?

Are schools important? Please explain

Are views important? Please explain

Is lot size important? Please explain

Have you seen any homes online or in person that you have liked?

Are there any other deciding factors in the purchase of your home?

Imagine yourself in a space where you feel most comfortable. What does that look/feel like?

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