Bowen Island Listings

There's something to be said for island life.  

Bowen is such a beautiful place that's close enough, yet far enough away from the city and is easily accessible by ferry or water taxi. A quick 20 minute boat ride and you're docking in paradise.

When you roll off the ferry onto Bowen Island - you enter another world. A sense of ahhhh washes over as you feel the tension melt away.
The pace of life immediately slows down and the only traffic you have to deal with is the other cars getting off the ferry (we refer to this as the rush minute), people smile and wave and nature surrounds you.
The stores are locally owned boutique style shops, and the handful of restaurants all have a different flavor and style.

Whether you're looking for a part time home, or considering a full time move, it's helpful to work with an agent with local knowledge.
Bowen Island comes with its own set of unique characteristics and challenges. I understand the various nuances and I can help you navigate through them while searching for your home in paradise.

I maintain an excellent working relationship with the other agents on the island so that we can all work cooperatively to create a seamless transaction and a positive outcome.


Bowen Island Neighbourhoods

Neighborhoods are sprinkled around the island, each with its own characteristics. Listed below are the larger neighborhoods on Bowen (there are a number of smaller neighborhoods not listed here).

Snug Cove

The island's 'port of entry' and what we would call the downtown core.
This is where the ferry docks and where many shops, businesses, restaurants & cafes, bank, medical office, library and museum are located. Served by municipal water & sewer.

Cates Hill

This residential area is on the hillside overlooking Snug Cove. Many of the homes in the Cates Hill Village enjoys views of Howe Sound and the North Shore mountains. You can walk to Snug Cove from here by taking one of the many trails dispersed around the island. 
Cates Hill Village started in 1999 and is now in it's final phase. Serviced by municipal water & sewer. Underground hydro/tel/cable. 

Queen Charlotte Heights & Valhalla

Views, views and more views! This is where you can find oceanfront properties, or East facing hillside view lots looking toward West Vancouver and Vancouver. This neighborhood is conveniently located near the Cove and sits above September Morn beach (also rumored to be Bowen's nude beach!) Mainly developed in 1960s to 1990s. Serviced by municipal water and individual septic fields. If you enjoy watching the sun rise this is the place to be.

Cowan Point (including Seymour Landing)

Lakeside, hillside, ocean front neighborhood on Bowen’s south side. Original neighborhood at Seymour Bay/Pointe Cowan in 1920s. Residential acreage lots around Josephine Lake developed in early 1990s. Since 1999, most of the remaining lands have been under development by Bowen Island Properties. 9-hole public golf course with perimeter trail since 2005. Plans include an inn at Seymour Bay plus future passenger ferry service to downtown Vancouver. Served by community water system with the most complete filtration and treatment of any community water system on Bowen. Community sewer for Seymour Landing area, otherwise septic fields. Mix of overhead & underground hydro/tel/cable. For general information about Seymour Landing at Cowan Point, click here.


This is a sophistacated ocean front strata development located on the sunny south shore of the island near the Bowen Island Golf Course. Views overlook the Straight of Georgia toward Vancouver and Vancouver Island. For the full history on Fairweather click here.
Serviced by community water and community septic.

Cape Roger Curtis

A collection of both oceanfront and inland 10-acre properties covering the entire Southwest side of the island. Views of Strait of Georgia, Vancouver Island, Pasley Islands, Sunshine Coast. This Master Planned Community has been designed with s sustainability approach. You can learn more about the developer's vision here.

Tunstall Bay

This area started development back in the 60s through to the 80s. Every home is a little bit different and are primarily hillside and inland properties. The view properties overlook the Strait of Georgia, Vancouver Island, Pasley Islands, Sunshine Coast.
Tunstall Bay beach is a beautiful spot - popular for swimming, kayaking and paddling- and is known for its awe inspiring sunsets. The Tunstall Bay clubhouse is a membership based facility which offers a social space, pickleball and tennis courts and space to store kayaks/paddleboards. The properties are serviced by municipal water and individual septic fields.

Sealeigh Park + Bowen Bay 

Some would argue that Sealeigh Beach is one of the best on the island, and personally I think some of the best sunsets can be caught from Bowen Bay. These neighborhoods on the West side of the island enjoy warm sunny evenings and are located about 20 minutes from the ferry and the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the Cove. Most of the development took place from the 70s through to the 90s.

Bluewater + King Edward Bay

Blue Water is a neighborhood of approximately 150 homes on the West side of Bowen Island mainly developed in the 70s through to the 90s. There’s a mixture of ocean front properties, and hillside view properties throughout the area. King Edward Bay has been under development since 2007. Both areas are serviced by Municipal water and septic fields.

Galbraith Bay + Grafton Bay + Mt. Gardner

Ocean front + hillside + inland. North facing. Views of Gibsons, Collingwood Channel, Gambier Island. Mainly developed in 1930s to 1990s. Wells/creeks. Septic fields.

Hood Point + Hood Point West

This coveted neighborhood started as a summer colony back in the 1920s, and to this day family roots and histories run deep. It’s now a mix of summer cottages and year round residents. A collection of 90 homeowners share amenities such as tennis courts, a soccer field, a community dock and a hall for dances and parties. You basically need to be born into acquiring a home in this community!

Eagle Cliff + Scarborough

Eagle Cliff is a narrow strip of waterfront land on the east side of Bowen Island and expands up the hillside. The higher up properties enjoy breathtaking views of the Howe Sound and the North Shore mountains. The steep roads in this area are not for the faint of heart, but once you get used to them the views and the sunrises make it all worthwhile.Development in these areas started back in the 1940s through to the 90s. Serviced by municipal water and individual septic fields.

Miller’s Landing + Deep Bay

Ocean front + hillside + inland. East facing with views of Howe Sound, North Shore mountains, West Vancouver, Vancouver. Mainly developed in 1930s to 2000s. Served by Municipal water. Septic fields.

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