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Pride of home ownership is indeed one of life’s greatest joys and biggest accomplishments.
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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.
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Armed and Ready

The Bank of Canada met for the first time this year and announced that they will be holding rates steady for the time being.

Great news!

Sort of…

This will instill confidence back into the market and as a result it will become competitive among buyers once again resulting in multiple offers and in many cases ‘subject free’ offers.

Is becoming a homeown...

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Assessed Value vs Market Value

BC Property Assessments are out and they've got many of us wondering what the true value of our real estate is.

In my experience here's what I've learned about assessed value:

One third of the time they are high.
One third of the time they are low.
One third of the time they are accurate.

Therefore, two thirds of the time they are wrong!

Remember, assess...

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Does it Pay to Wait for Interest Rates to Drop?

I was up skiing recently and while in the gondola the topic of real estate came up.
One of the fellow riders asked me if he felt we were at the peak of the market.
The peak!?
Dude we’re only halfway up the mountain.

I love analogies and insert them wherever I can, maybe to make things relatable? I dunno, in any case I’m good at them. Maybe it’s my lo...

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